Youth Of Dissent / 1000mods

Youth Of Dissent / 1000mods

In the not so distant past before the whole world shut down we had the honor and fortune to design the new cover of 1000mods for their latest album titled "Youth of Dissent". It was always a dream to design for music and cinema and what a better way to do it for artists you love.

2 colors / 72 x 72 cm / edition of 100. Signed in pencil by the artist. 2021. Comes with steroscopic glasses.

Our artwork is based on binocular rivalry, a phenomenon of visual perception in which perception alternates between different images presented to each eye. It doubles also as a tribute to Victor Moscoso.

designed by Manolis Angelakis / tind with visual basic (vba) custom macro tools for #Corel Draw programmed by Chris

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