Good Morning & Good Night / Silkscreen Prints

8.99 - 14.99
Good Morning & Good Night / Silkscreen Prints

A positive piece of lettering
A tribute to the common art of the anonymous Greek lettering artist
An exploration on various combinations of ink, color and material
A fine example of the screen printer's craft.

Get your first good morning and your last good night in a Greek calligraphic style

version designed by firzb
printed by tind

35x50cm screen prints, random inks on random materials
Printed on various papers, PVC, adheshive stickers, black and metallic inks and custom made gradients.
Each one for 8,99€ or both for just 14,99€

because each print is unique and cause it's virtually impossible to photograph and present all of them you just trust our taste and your luck. You can choose if you want the light version which means colorful print on light themed papers or the dark version which means colorful print on dark themed papers.

see full presentation here

As Truman said: "Good morning, and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!"

  • Good Day / light themed
    41 available 82%
  • Good Night / light themed
    49 available 98%
  • Good Day / dark themed
    45 available 90%
  • Good Night / dark themed
    47 available 94%
  • Good Day & Good Night / light themed
    40 available 80%
  • Good Day & Good Night / Dark themed
    42 available 84%