Custom Handmade Silkscreen Printing Machines

Custom Handmade Silkscreen Printing Machines

Custom silkscreen machines designed and handcrafted by Chrisanthos Angelakis & Manolis Angelakis / Tind Silkscreen

Laser cut plywood 18mm, 3d printed parts, high quality clamps with micro adjustments all in one. Any machine can include pre-exposed screens, squeegees, inks of your choice and if you require a crash course of silkscreen and how to.

These handmade machines can print on t-shirts, tote bags, cotton, paper, pvc, plexiglass, adhesive sticker and essentially any flat surfaced material you can imagine.

Each machine will be custom made for each one, so we start from you telling us your needs and go form there.Send us a message us for more info.

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Peace, love and silkscreen.

  • 20 available 100%